Areas Of Activity

Civil-Commercial Litigation

Our firm has considerable experience in administrating complex and innovative cases in all fields of civil-commercial law before all the instances existing in Israel, arbitrations and mediation proceedings. For numerous consecutive years our firm has been ranked by the ranking companies D&B and BDI as a leading firm in the field of commercial litigation.

Class action and derivative suits

Our firm is one of the leading firms in Israel in the diverse aspects of class actions and derivative actions. A considerable number of the claims that have been filed by the firm have been recognized as class actions by the courts, whereby preliminary and breakthrough rulings have been handed down in this new field of law. Many other claims have concluded with settlement arrangements that brought about public benefit. We see this field as a mission. The cases with which the firm chooses to be involved are chosen by us meticulously. Our objective is to conduct justified fights for which we have a sense that genuine wrongdoing has been caused to the public and for which the class action or the derivative action is the appropriate instrument to handle them For details click here

Insolvency laws

Over the years our firm has successfully handled numerous insolvency cases, company liquidations, creditors’ arrangements and receiverships.

Litigation in the field of public law

Our firm has considerable experience in representing private entities and public bodies in a variety of proceedings in the fields of public law before the Supreme Courts sitting as High Court of Justice and before the Courts for Administrative Affairs, as well as in Knesset committee meetings.

Pro Bono

Throughout the years our firm has routinely offered pro bono legal services, both to public foundations in matters relating to public issues and in individual cases for needy citizens. For details click here


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