The Firm's Profile

Bach, Lederman & Co. (formerly Michael Bach & Co.) is one of the most prominent boutique firms in the field of civil litigation in Israel, specializing in complex legal claims in the field of civil-commercial law, class actions and derivative actions, power struggles in companies and organizations, in liquidation of companies and insolvency laws and in proceedings before the Supreme Court sitting as High Court of Justice in fields of public law.

The firm has been a party to pioneering and breakthrough proceedings, in which important legal precedents have been determined. Furthermore, the firm has taken an active part in legislation in the Knesset in various fields including: class actions, protection of the environment and the rights of IDF widows and orphans.

The firm’s team is comprised of attorneys with academic, empirical and multidisciplinary backgrounds, graduates of leading higher academic institutions in Israel. For the past consecutive 8 years, the firm has been ranked at the highest rankings by the ranking companies D&B and DBI - in the fields of civil-commercial litigation and class actions.

The firm’s client-base includes: banks, local authorities, diverse clients in the fields of industry, commerce and infrastructure, hi-tech companies, public entities and organizations, construction companies, fuel companies, private clients as well as overseas clients.

The firm has cooperative relationships with law firms in Europe and the United States, which enable it to offer legal aid, advice and representation both for Israeli clients overseas and for foreign clients in Israel.

Each case receives optimal attention, while implementing teamwork, creative  out-of-the-box thinking and comprehensive legal understanding, in order to offer the clients a broad-based, professional, speedy and efficient legal service accompanied by interpersonal relations customized to the unique needs of each client.

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